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Hardwood Worktop Product Range

Just Wood Worktops carry in stock a comprehensive range of stylish and practical, solid hardwood work surfaces, in American White Oak, American Black Walnut and European Beech.

These beautiful, craftsmen made wooden kitchen and office work tops would grace any living environment, be it contemporary or traditional.

Real solid hardwood work surfaces offer a beautiful and practical worktop solution, either in their own right or when used in conjunction with (and to compliment) other quality worktop materials such as granite, stone and marble.

  • European Beech

    Thickness 40mm.
    Widths 650mm and 960mm.
    Lengths 3000mm 4200mm.

  • American Black Walnut

    Thickness 40mm.
    Widths 650mm and 960mm.
    Lengths 3000mm 4200mm.

  • American White Oak

    Thicknesses 27mm and 40mm.
    Widths 650mm and 960mm.
    Lengths 3000mm / 3600mm and 4200mm

Hardwood Worktop Grading

Just Wood Worktops prefer to consider the quality rather than grade of their stylish and beautiful real wood work surfaces. Throughout the manufacturing process much care is given to the final appearance of the finished top.

Individual components of each top are orientated such that the most attractive grain and colour is seen on the top surface of the product. Sapwood is kept to a minimum but deliberately not excluded entirely, in order to display the natural beauty and characteristics of these slow grown and revered species of tree.

Worktop Quality

Just Wood Worktops’ solid wood worktops are quality checked throughout the manufacturing process. All joints must be square (90°) and tight. No gaps or filler are allowed. Sawing and cross cutting processes result in precisely sized and square cut tops. Worktops are precision sanded through industrial drum sanding machines to provide accurate and uniform sizes.

Oiling Hardwood Worktops

Most of Just Wood Worktops’ products leave the warehouse unfinished (i.e. without oil) however, a factory finishing service is offered.

Food safe oils can be applied to the either the top surface or both [and to ends and edges where required.

Although only the top face and usually one or more edges / ends are visible it is good practice and advisable that the bottom and unseen faces / edges are sealed with the same oil.

This is due to the fact that wood is a hygroscopic material** and sealing with oil slows down the ingress and loss of humidity to and from the top with natural variations of humidity in the living space throughout the seasons.

**A hygroscopic material acts like a sponge. It takes in moisture when placed in an environment of higher humidity and conversely loses moisture when placed in an environment of lower humidity than itself