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Wood Worktops Manufacture and Design

manufactureJust Wood Worktops’ products are manufactured from American White Oak and Black Walnut lumber, harvested from responsibly managed temperate forests in North America and Canada.

Trees are harvested and sawn into square edged lumber which is put “on stick” to gently air dry for a period, prior to being carefully kiln dried to an average moisture content of 8-10%, a level of humidity appropriate to most internal living space situations in the UK.

The dried lumber is first graded then sawn to the appropriate stave section for a given worktop. Defects, such as splits, stain, loose dead knots and voids are all cross cut out and the remaining clean stave lengths are precision crosscut and finger-jointed into worktop length staves. These staves are then machined four sides square and edge glued together with a DIN3 or DIN4 rated adhesive. The edge glued hardwood worktops are then left in the press, for the adhesive to cure and once this process is complete the tops are drum sanded both faces and trimmed to length and width.

A final quality control inspection is carried out and each worktop is individually packaged and labelled.